Wesley G. Casey is an AV rated attorney practicing law in the Tulsa County area since 1988.  Mr. Casey was an Associate with a leading Tulsa firm for four years practicing primarily in the areas of commercial and civil litigation in state and federal court, real estate transactions and probate matters.   Mr. Casey established his own law practice in Tulsa in 1992 and since that time has represented individuals, associations, and small businesses in a broad range of legal needs such as civil litigation, divorce, guardianship, collections, bankruptcy, estate planning, probate, guardianship, trust settlement, real estate transactions, real  property title, oil & gas title, contracts, and business formation.   These varied areas have served to provide a solid foundation of legal knowledge and practical experience for the focus of Mr. Casey’s practice in the areas of probate, guardianship and estate matters.

Estate Planning with a Revocable Trust –  Mr. Casey has represented hundreds of Oklahomans in the creation or modification of an estate plan using a revocable trust.   These clients have enjoyed the piece of mind that comes with knowing their affairs can be quickly settled in accordance with their wishes with minimal cost and no court proceedings.
Health Care Planning – A solid estate plan includes planning for incapacity or disability.  As a part of the revocable trust plan or standing alone, Mr. Casey is ready to counsel you in regard to planning for disability, incapacity, or end-of-life health care planning by use of durable power of attorney, living will, “do not resuscitate” orders, and similar documents.
Last Will and Testament –  Failing to make a plan for the disposition of one’s estate, no matter the size or situation, can lead to disasterous consequences for families.   Mr. Casey works with clients to identify their wishes and incorporate them in a legally binding “Will.”
Special Trusts – Mr. Casey is also prepared to draft and implement special trust arrangements for clients including those involving irrevocable trusts, minors trusts or special needs trusts.
Probate – Mr. Casey has also assisted hundreds of families of decedents in Oklahoma that left a Last Will and Testament or failed to leave a Will and required a probate proceeding to settle and distribute their estates.  There is a vast range of probate court  proceedings and Mr. Casey has experience with probating estates of all sizes, situations and challenges.
Real Property Title and Litigation –  In some instances property ownership may not have been clearly established and it is necessary to commence an action to determine heirs, quiet title, partition real estate, or to draft legally enforceable documents to resolve a matter in dispute.   Mr. Casey is experienced in the areas of quiet title, partition, contested property claims, prosecuting or defending foreclosure proceedings.
Guardianship – In those situations where the guardianship of a minor or an adult is needed, Mr. Casey has assisted families members in gaining control over the personal and estate affairs of the family member through the process of guardianship.  After appointment of a guardian, Mr. Casey has in most cases continued to assist the guardian or family through the process of resolving disputes, changing guardians, and presenting annual reports and accountings to the supervising court for approval.
Settlement of Estates Outside of Court – It is sometimes necessary to involve an attorney in the settlement of an estate even when a formal probate proceeding is not necessary.  Mr. Casey has counseled and assisted many families that have lost a loved one, whether or not the deceased left a Will or trust by using Mr. Casey’s insight in identifying issues and resolving problems of debt resolution, tax filings, transfer and property distribution to estate beneficiaries.
Divorce – Mr. Casey has represented many clients in “agreed”, limited dispute or full trial divorce matters, whether it involve an original divorce or modification or enforcement of an existing divorce decree.
Other Legal Services – Mr. Casey’s considerable breadth of legal experience and interpersonal skills have been important factors for clients to consult with him a wide range of legal matters including accidents, injuries, disputes and controversies of all types.  Mr. Casey has the experience to meet client needs in nearly any legal area and the insight to involve other attorneys that may possess greater expertise in certain areas.  This insures that Mr. Casey can assume direct responsibility for a legal matter for a client or share responsibility with an attorney with a higher level of experience in certain areas of the law.

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